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The Spanish Major is designed to ensure a well-rounded preparation in language, literature, and culture. The programs are balanced and comprehensive, yet they allow students the latitude to explore subjects of special interest to them.


LLC offers multiple graduate programs in Spanish designed to empower you to succeed by embracing the challenges of a complex and changing world.

On-Campus Immersion

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Join other LLC Students in a variety of on-campus activities:

Become a Language Teacher

BA in LLC with a concentration in Applied Languages K-12 in French

There is always need for teachers in North Carolina. We get multiple requests for graduates in schools in Guilford County every year.

Contact Dr. Catherine Viano-Laughon (  for a 1-on-1 advising appointment.

The education portion of the major takes 2 years, beginning in Fall semester, so reach out as soon as possible.

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Sample Course Offerings

SPA 317: Foundations in Hispanic Cultures, Literatures, and Films

Introduction to Hispanic cultures and histories through literature, film, and other cultural practices.

SPA 342: Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

Introduction to the scientific study of Spanish, covering the core linguistic sub-fields to understand Spanish language use and analysis in real-world contexts.

SPA 409: Topics in Literature from the Spanish Speaking World

Explore the development of literary genres and/or themes, with attention to cultural and historical background as well as techniques of literary analysis in Spanish.

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