Spanish Heritage Language Program

Spanish as a Heritage Language

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers a Spanish Heritage Language Program with specially-designed courses for students who have learned Spanish at home or in a Spanish-speaking community.

Whether you are a heritage student seeking to declare a minor or major in Spanish, expand your knowledge of the Spanish-speaking linguistic and cultural heritages across the globe, increase your confidence in your Spanish skills, or build linguistic and cultural connections with the Latino community of UNCG or greater Greensboro, our Spanish heritage language courses offer multiple ways to engage with Spanish.

Program Objectives

The program recognizes the rich, diverse linguistic and cultural knowledge that heritage learners bring to the classroom and incorporates students’ bilingual experiences into the curriculum.  Overall, the program aims to expand students’ Spanish language competencies, build linguistic confidence, and foster connections to local Latino communities.

Whereas second/foreign language courses that are geared toward non-native speakers of Spanish cover all aspects of language learning, Spanish heritage language courses target areas relevant to heritage speakers’ unique learner needs.

Students who take Spanish heritage language courses will be able to:

  • Expand their bilingual skills in a range of contexts beyond the classroom.
  • Learn more about the Spanish-speaking cultural heritages in the United States and other regions of the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Broaden their personal histories and perspectives through study of the U.S. Latino experience.
  • Meet and study alongside other UNCG students who share Spanish as a heritage language.
  • Build linguistic, cultural, and/or professional connections with local Latino communities through service-learning.
  • Prepare for content courses in the Spanish minor or major.
  • Develop critical thinking, cultural competence, and problem-solving skills.

Heritage Courses

Our Spanish heritage language course offerings develop students’ oral and writing skills and integrate service-learning with local Latino communities.  Service-learning provides students opportunities to practice their bilingual skills and cultural knowledge in contexts beyond the classroom and build ties with communities to maintain their heritage language and culture.

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures currently offers several courses for Spanish heritage speakers: SPA 302, SPA 310, and SPA 318.  Each of these courses counts toward the minor or major in Spanish.

To enroll in the Spanish heritage language courses, students must first take the Spanish language placement test (please contact Danielle Fiore in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, 2321 MHRA Building, 336-334-5655).  Following completion of the placement test (Webcape portion & Canvas Quiz), students should contact Dr. Kelly Lowther Pereira ( for their placement and enrollment.


SPA 302 Spanish Language and Cultures for Heritage Speakers (SVL)

Advanced Spanish grammar and strong emphasis on literacy-building and culture in this language. For heritage speakers only.

GE Marker: GL

Prerequisite: Permission of course instructor or departmental permission is        required. Notes: For heritage speakers only.  Students cannot receive credit for        both SPA 301 and SPA 302.


SPA 310 Advanced Spanish Language and Cultures for Heritage Speakers (SVL)

Continued literacy building in Spanish with a focus on advancing oral and writing skills. Students will engage with the local Latino community through service-learning.

GE Marker: GL, SI

Prerequisites: SPA 302 or departmental permission. Permission of course instructor is required;

Prerequisites: SPA 302 or departmental permission; Permission of course instructor is required. Note: For heritage speakers only.


SPA 318 Intermediate Spanish Composition for Heritage Speakers

Emphasis on expansion of bilingual range in reading and writing. Course develops informal and formal writing skills through exploration of contemporary social and cultural topics.

Prerequisites: SPA 302 or departmental permission. Permission of course instructor required.  Note: For heritage speakers only.

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