American Sign Language

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Minor in American Sign Language

The American Sign Language minor fosters an understanding of Deaf culture and communication through the study of language. The ASL minor, while building a solid knowledge of ASL, does not lead to an interpreter or Deaf Education degree.

On-Campus Immersion

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Since American Sign Language is used across diverse regions and communities, students are offered alternate immersion activities.  Each semester the LLC American Sign Language program sponsors and makes opportunities available for students to engage in the American Sign Language community on and off campus.

Did you know?

  • American Sign Language (ASL) is a unique language as different from English as French or Spanish
  • The ASL used today originated sometime in 19th century France
  • When learning to communicate in ASL, you will learn about ASL folklore, literature, and culture
  • We teach American Sign Language the same way we teach spoken languages
  • ASL is reported to be the third most used language in the USA
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Sample Course Offerings

ASL 101: Elementary American Sign Language I

Introduction to American Sign Language and the culture of the American Deaf Community. Emphasis on active comprehension and expression in culturally appropriate signs, and on applied vocabulary.

ASL 201: Directed Study in Applied Beginning American Sign Language

Intensive practice in applied beginning ASL. Active use of communicative language skills.

ASL 245: Introduction to the Deaf Community

Introduction to the diverse members of the Deaf Community with emphasis on Deaf people as a linguistic and cultural minority. Focus is on historical, educational, political, social, and vocational issues.

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