American Sign Language

American Sign Language

aslThe ASL Minor

The American Sign Language (ASL) minor in this Department includes elementary through intermediate level language and culture courses, as well as academic experiences that highlight expressive and receptive competencies in a visual-gestural language, an overview of the Deaf community, the history of ASL and cross-cultural exploration. Students have opportunities to improve their ASL skills through monthly immersion events offered by the department as well as interacting with Deaf UNCG students and faculty. The American Sign Language minor fosters an understanding of Deaf culture and communication through the study of language. The ASL minor, while building a solid knowledge of ASL, does not lead to an interpreter or Deaf Education degree.

Required courses for ASL minor:

ASL 101 Elementary American Sign Language I (fall, summer)
ASL 102 Elementary American Sign Language II (spring, summer)
ASL 203 Intermediate American Sign Language I (fall only)
ASL 204 Intermediate American Sign Language II (spring only)
ASL 245 Introduction to the Deaf Community (fall, spring)

**ASL tutoring is available throught the department of Languages, Literature, and Cultures

LLC Mission Statement

Through engaged teaching, innovative research, diverse creative activity and dedicated service, the Department strives to:

  • Communicate an understanding of languages, literatures, and cultures within the context of a humanistic liberal education;
  • Connect with individuals and communities within the department, across the campus, the state, the nation, and the world in order to foster a culture of meaningful intellectual inquiry, participatory and life-long learning that promotes respect for all;
  • Contribute to the University’s strategic goal of internationalizing the campus as we prepare our students to excel in a variety of professions and graduate studies.

On-Campus Immersion and Social Activities

Since American Sign Language is used across diverse regions and communities, students are offered alternate immersion activities.  Each semester the LLC American Sign Language program sponsors and makes opportunities available for students to engage in the American Sign Language community on and off campus.

Did you know?

  • American Sign Language (ASL) is a unique language as different from English as French or Spanish
  • The ASL used today originated sometime in 19th century France
  • When learning to communicate in ASL, you will learn about ASL folklore, literature, and culture
  • We teach American Sign Language the same way we teach spoken languages
  • ASL is reported to be the third most used language in the USA

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