The Department offers a broad array of French language, literature, and culture courses for several undergraduate degrees, including a French Major (BA)French as a Second Majora French Major with Teaching Licensure, and a French Minor. All programs offer a variety of study abroad options, including a summer program in France. Our Graduate Programs offer a balanced course of study in French and Francophone literature, culture and language that provides excellent preparation for students who intend to pursue a PhD or who wish to teach at community colleges or secondary levels. The graduate programs lead to a Master of Arts (MA) degree with a French and Francophone Studies Concentration, a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), and to a Master of Education degree in French (MEd). Late afternoon and evening classes are available to serve working professionals seeking to enhance their academic status or career opportunities. Part-time, as well as full-time students may receive daytime teaching or graduate assistantships in the Department.

What can you do with a French Degree?

Department Goals

  • To provide practical training in the basic skills of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing
  • To promote those values in the liberal arts tradition that derive particularly from the study of language, literature and culture
  • To increase understanding of language as structure and process
  • To provide an enlightening encounter with cultures and modes of thought different from one’s own

On-Campus Immersion

Students who want to improve their French or Spanish skills can take advantage of the opportunity to live in Phillips/Hawkins Hall.


Social Activities

The Café Causette sponsor frequent activities. Students who participate in these activities meet others who are interested in learning about a different culture.

Honor Societies

The University has Chapters of the national honoraries, Pi Delta Phi for French and Sigma Delta Pi for Spanish. Membership is by invitation and possible for students in advanced courses who have achieved excellence in Romance studies.

Scholarships and Awards

The Department recognizes achievement among French and Spanish students by offering a number of annual scholarships, including the Spicer Scholarship, the Miller-Barineau Scholarship, the Hardré Scholarship, the Barney Award and the LaRochelle Scholarship. Amounts vary. Visit the scholarships web page and contact the Department Office for further information.


Paid or unpaid internships requiring foreign language skills are increasingly available. For more information, consult the Career Services Center, #1 EUC, (336) 334-5454. Students interested in LLC 599 Community-Based Service Learning should contact the instructor in the Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department in the spring prior to registering for the fall course. Through interaction with immigrants and refugees in the Greensboro community, students will use their second language skills with native speakers and act as a cultural broker (a bridge between both cultures) in this internship course.