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The French Major is designed to ensure a well-rounded preparation in language, literature, and culture. The programs are balanced and comprehensive, yet they allow students the latitude to explore subjects of special interest to them.


The graduate program in French at UNCG offers a balanced course of study in literature, culture and language that has a record of providing excellent preparation for students who intend to pursue a Ph.D. or who wish to teach at the community college or secondary levels. 

On-Campus Immersion

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Join other LLC Students in a variety of on-campus activities:

  • Café Causette
  • Global Village
  • Pi Delta Phi Honors Society
  • French Club
  • Internships

Become a Language Teacher

BA in LLC with a concentration in Applied Languages K-12 in French

There is always need for teachers in North Carolina. We get multiple requests for graduates in schools in Guilford County every year.

Contact Dr. Catherine Viano-Laughon ( for a 1-on-1 advising appointment.

The education portion of the major takes 2 years, beginning in Fall semester, so reach out as soon as possible.

Photo of the student learning experience in the Languages, Literature and Cultures Class, FRE 301, taught by Dr. Cybelle McFadden

Sample Course Offerings

FRE 101: Beginning French I

Introduction to the French language and the cultures of the French-speaking world. Emphasis on active listening, speaking, writing, and reading, and applied vocabulary.

FRE 301: Bridges to French Literature and Culture

An opportunity to increase proficiency in oral and written language skills while extending knowledge of French literature and contemporary French culture.

FRE 332: contemporary french culture

An introduction to contemporary French thought and cultural practices with a focus on social, cultural, political, and economic components of France.

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