Departmental Scholarships

The Department is in a position to award scholarships to LLC majors and graduate students. We encourage promising majors to make themselves known to us by filling out a brief form (which covers all available scholarships). We rely on applications, feedback from faculty, and records of student achievement to ensure comprehensive coverage, and we hope to encourage able students to choose our majors.

Scholarship Application Form for LLC Majors and Graduate Students

Please submit your application using this link: ScholarshipUniverse

**Application window opens January 15th, 2023 and closes March 1st, 2023.**

LLC Scholarships (All Majors)

Study Abroad

The Ruth P. Heinemann (RPH) Romance Language Foreign Travel Study Scholarship Fund provides financial support to study abroad and will be administered under the following guidelines.

  • Undergraduate and graduate students participating in a study abroad program and are enrolled in at least one credit hour at UNCG during the semester they are to receive the scholarship
  • Academic achievement and financial need
  • Intend to teach (use the language for any form of instruction)
  • Spanish majors will be given preferences, followed by other majors within the Department of Languages Literatures and Cultures.

The Friends of Romance Language Study Abroad Scholarship, in honor of:

  • Dr. Jean-Paul Koenig and Dr. Kathleen Koestler
  • Dr. Ramiro Lagos

Please, apply through ScholarshipUniverse.

German Studies

The Anne F. Baecker Scholarship provides financial support to study abroad in German speaking countries and candidates must meet following criteria.

  • Be an American citizen enrolled at UNCG, either as an in-state or out-of-state student who has not graduated at the time of the award is used. Exceptionally, a graduating German major entering the teaching profession, or a student going to graduate school and majoring in German may be eligible
  • Student must have completed German 102 prior to use of the award
  • Must have a minimum grade-point average of 2.5 and a minimum 3.0 in German
  • Excellent class attendance record
  • Attend the Kaffeestunde if enrolled in German 102 prior to use the award
  • Submit a financial aid form. Award is based on merit with consideration given to financial need.

Please, apply through ScholarshipUniverse.

French and Francophone Studies

The René Hardré Scholarship is awarded to upper-class students selected primarily based on academic achievement in advanced French studies. Need is to be a secondary consideration.

Please, apply through ScholarshipUniverse.


Augustine LaRochelle Scholarship supports students registered as Spanish majors at UNCG based on merit.

Karen Bostian McFayen Scholarship will be awarded according to the following guidelines:

  • Preference will be given to a student in good academic standing, with need, committed to pursuing a degree in Spanish within the LLC Department.
  • Students in good academic standing, with need, committed to pursuing a degree in any language in the LLC Department are also eligible.

Please, apply through ScholarshipUniverse.

Romance Languages

The Evelyn Wilson Simpson Scholarship in Romance Languages will be administered under the following guidelines:

  • Students must demonstrate commitment to pursuing a degree in a field of study within the Romance Languages
  • Students may be selected at the discretion of the Department based on academic achievement, financial need, or both.

The Mary Eliza Spicer Scholarship is to be awarded to outstanding entering freshmen and juniors whose primary interest is in one of the romance languages.

The Meta Miller and Elizabeth Barineau Scholarship is to be awarded, preferably, to rising junior or senior students majoring in French on the bases of superior work and financial need. It also included incoming and continuing graduate students in French. Spanish majors are also eligible.

The Winfield S. Barney Scholarship fellowship is to be awarded to senior students in French or Spanish.

The Friends of Romance Languages Scholarship (Under Departmental Review)

Please, apply through ScholarshipUniverse.

LLC Awards

The Outstanding Major Award

Every year the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures presents the Outstanding Major Award for overall performance and achievement to students pursuing LLC majors in Applied Languages: French K-12 Teaching Licensure, Applied Languages: Spanish K-12 Teaching Licensure, French and Francophone Studies, German Studies, Global Languages and Communities, and Spanish.

The LLC Community Engagement Award

This award is given to a graduating LLC major with an outstanding record of service to the community.