B.A. in LLC with a concentration in Global Languages and Communities

This major combines the study of languages with meaningful community-engaged service activities. As you develop intercultural competencies needed to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world, you will have the chance to contribute to local and global communities.

IGS Major with Concentration in Asian Studies

This concentration is ideal for students with a keen interest in studying Asia (broadly defined as including mainland and maritime East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia) in multiple historical contexts and from a variety of complementary perspectives: political, sociological, economic, geographical, religious, linguistic, etc.

Minor in Asian Studies

Students pursuing a major in the International and Global Studies Program with a concentration in Asian Studies must complete 6 credits of the language or approved equivalents.

On-Campus Immersion

woman standing in front of a large japanese print

Join other LLC Students in a variety of on-campus activities:

  • Japanese Club
  • Global Village
  • Asian Autumn Festival
  • International Festival (I-Fest)

Did you know?

  • Japan shares business partnership and cultural friendship with the U.S and many other countries in the world.
  • Learning Japanese broadens your cultural perspectives and enriches your opportunities for employment upon graduation.
  • At UNCG Japanese language instruction started in the 1990s
  • Among the Asian language programs, Japanese has the longest history
  • The JNS program offers the language courses in sequence up to the 300 level and various courses taught in English

Sample Course Offerings

JNS 101: Elementary Japanese I

Introduction to the Japanese language and culture. Emphasis on basic writing systems (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji), as well as on active listening, speaking, writing, and reading, and applied vocabulary.

JNS 230: Women in Japanese Literature and Film

The course focuses on various aspects of women’s lives in modern Japanese society, providing an overview of modern Japanese society through representation of women’s culture in literature and film.

JNS 302: Third-year Japanese Language Conversation and Composition

Improve communication skills through intensive lectures, grammar retention drills, and oral and writing exercises. Students deepen their understanding of cultural logics behind Japanese language.

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