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The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (LLC) is engaged in cross-cultural scholarship, teaching, and service within diverse local and global connections. We participate in foreign language studies consortia (German, Russian) within the UNC distance education system, as well as interdisciplinary programs throughout the College of Arts and Sciences, particularly the International and Global Studies Program. We also offer an exceptional array of study abroad opportunities through the International Programs Center. Online graduate and undergraduate courses in the Department, including four-semester language sequences in German and Spanish, and an Online German Minor program are available to distance learning students across the globe.

Online German Minor

Required: minimum of 15 semester hours.
AOS Codes: U172
The German program provides a variety of online courses for students interested in German language, literature, culture, history, philosophy, music, and art. Online German minors complete five (5) GER courses above GER 102, to include GER 203 and 204 plus nine (9) additional hours, at least six (6) of which must be at the 300 level or higher. All courses are taught fully online. See UNCG Undergraduate Bulletin: Online German Minor.

Online LLC Courses

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Study Abroad

UNCG offers study abroad programs in Germany and Austria. For information on UNCG programs abroad, click here or contact the International Programs Center (IPC) at Web site:

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