I began studying French in my sophomore year of high school for a language requirement, but after that, I didn’t have the chance to take any more advanced French classes in high school. However, I resorted to teaching myself French because I really loved the language. I fell in love with learning languages, but also in maintaining my language skills which is also why I’m minoring in Spanish.

When I came to college, I never thought I would major in French. I was a nursing major my freshman year, but after my first French class, I realized that my passion for French was too strong to not keep pursuing it. In the LLC department, I was very blessed to have Dr. McFadden as an advisor and she has continually provided me with many opportunities in teaching the French language. For example, I got to work with Guilford County Schools to teach adults beginners’ French and that also sparked a love for teaching in me.

This fall, I got accepted into the Disciplinary Honors program in French which I never thought I’d be able to do, and it is one of my biggest accomplishments so far. After I graduate, I plan on getting my masters of teaching in French, but after that, who knows? I have no specific plans, but my ultimate dream is to continue learning and to use my knowledge to change the world. I want to use the skills I’ve gained in all my majors to work towards solutions to the problems we face globally: from human rights violations to the climate crisis. Besides being a full time student, I also work full time as a server, and since Greensboro is extremely diverse (which is what drew me to this city in the first place), I’ve been able to hone my language skills there while meeting new people literally everyday.