Sample Spanish Courses

Sample Course Offerings

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SPA 315 Intermediate Spanish Composition (GL, WI)
Intensive study of grammar and idiom. Formal and informal writing.
GE Marker: GL
Prerequisites: SPA 301 or SPA 302 or departmental permission.

SPA 317 Foundations in Hispanic Cultures, Literatures, and Films (GL, SI)
Introduction to Hispanic cultures and histories through literature, film, and other cultural practices. Development of skills in Spanish.
Prerequisites: SPA 204 or departmental permission.

SPA 342 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
Introduction to the scientific study of Spanish, covering the core linguistic sub-fields (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics) to understand Spanish language use and analysis in real-world contexts.
Prerequisites: SPA 301 or SPA 302, or departmental permission.

SPA 351 Introduction to Literary Studies (GL, WI)
Reading of representative Hispanic texts, by genres. Attention will be given to basic vocabulary, concepts and techniques of literary analysis.
GE Marker: GL
Prerequisites: SPA 301 or SPA 302, or permission of the department.

SPA 409 Topics in Literature from the Spanish Speaking World (GL, WI)
Topics in Literatures from the Spanish Speaking World explores the development of literary genres and/or themes, with attention to cultural and historical background as well as techniques of literary analysis in Spanish.
Prerequisites: SPA 315 or SPA 318 and SPA 351, or permission of the department.
Notes: May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.

SPA 436 Seminar in Latin American Cultures, Literatures and Films (GL, WI)
Major topics in Spanish culture, history, and civilization. Special emphasis on the development of customs, national traits, cultural movements, and institutions.
Prerequisites: SPA 351 and SPA 415 and one of the following courses: SPA 401 or SPA 406 or SPA 407 or SPA 409 or SPA 417 or SPA 442, or permission of the department.
Notes: May be repeated once for credit when topic varies