Spanish Advising for Majors and Minors

Students who wish to declare a major, second major or minor in Spanish must go to the following page to make the request: Contact Dr. Pereira to let her know of your intentions. After initial contact with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Spanish, students will be assigned an advisor (a member of the Spanish faculty) who will meet regularly with the student regarding his or her academic needs. We urge prospective majors and second majors to consult with their Spanish advisor as early as possible. Early contact with an advisor enables students to plan ahead concerning course offerings and special opportunities in the Department (such as study abroad).

Students wishing to minor in Spanish should also make their intentions known to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for help in designing their individual program.

Director of Undergraduate Studies in Spanish:

Kelly Pereira
2326 MHRA
(336) 334-5655

Teacher Licensure Advisor:

Brenda Ross
2316 MHRA
(336) 334-5655