Meiqing Sun

Ph.D., Interim Director of Chinese Studies, Lecturer of Chinese and Asian Studies, Coordinator of Co-curricular Activities



Ph.D., Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China

Research/ Teaching Interests

  • Second language acquisition
  • Language teaching and pedagogy
  • Language contact and language development
  • Syntactic theory
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • Corpus linguistics

Personal Statement

Meiqing Sun holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China. Her dissertation was a comprehensive study of possible syntactic influence from Mongolian language to Chinese language through language contact. She joined UNCG in 2012. Before coming to UNCG, she had worked at University of Pennsylvania, Flagship Chinese program at University of Mississippi and Duke University. Her research interests include second language acquisition, language teaching and pedagogy, language contact and language development, syntactic theory, cognitive linguistics and corpus linguistics. She has been serving as Interim Director of Chinese Studies starting from the fall semester 2016 to the fall semester 2017, in addition to teaching Chinese culture, literature and language and organizing extracurricular activities for students. She is also the founder and coordinator of Mandarin Corner and Chinese oral tutorial program and the Faculty Advisor of Chinese Student Association at UNCG.

Selected Publications

  • Liu-Shu-Based Approach of Teaching Chinese Character in Teaching Chinese as A Second Language,Southeast Review of Asian Studies(SERAS), volume 36: 37-57, 2014 (Peer-viewed)
  • The Historical Change of “he”. Language Studies, Wuhan, China, 2:53-58. 2006
  • “Syntactic Change in Chinese: On Grammaticalization”, by Alain Peyraube. In Fuxiang Wu, ed., Research on Chinese Grammar, Beijing: Commercial Press, 44-72. 2005 (Translation)
  • On wei1, wei2, wei3 in Mashi Wentong. Oriental Forum, Qingdao, China, 2:62-67. 2002