Japanese Courses

Sample Course Offerings – Spring 2019

For course information, see the UNCG University Catalog: Japanese Courses

210 Current Topics Conversation (Takagi) GN IGS SI
W 15:00-15:50
The course provides students with oral training for effective communication over current topics of global interest.
(Pr. 204 or equiv.)

302 Third-Year Japanese Language Conversation and Composition (Sugawara) GN
MWF 10:00-10:50
The course is designed to improve students’ communication skills through intensive lectures, grammar retention
drills, and oral and writing exercises. Students deepen their understanding of cultural logics behind Japanese language.
(Pr. 301 or equiv.)

306 Current Issues in Japan (Takagi) GN IGS SI
TR 14:00-15:15
The course focuses on current issues in Japan and nontraditional aspects of Japanese society.