UNCG’s 2016-17 DAAD Young Ambassador

Tyra Callaway is currently serving as the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program) Young Ambassador at UNCG! Please contact her with any questions you might have about study abroad!

Here is some more information about Tyra:

Hallo, ich heiße Tyra Noelle Callaway. I am a Senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, pursuing a degree in Chemistry. I began studying German as a freshman in college with the goal of studying abroad one day. Through the support of many faculty members at my university and the DAAD Scholarship, I was able to have an absolutely breathtaking adventure in Germany. I had the incredible opportunity to study at Universität Stuttgart and Goethe Institute Mannheim during my third year of university. Before my studies began, I took an intensive German course at the Goethe Institute in Mannheim. In between German courses, I travelled throughout Germany and neighboring countries. I visited some of the future universities of my newfound friends and went to cultural festivals offered throughout the summer. Together we hiked up a mountain to watch fireworks and trekked through vineyards around the German countryside. When the summer was over, we made plans to see each other again as we parted to go to our respective universities. Once the school year started, I spent one semester in a research lab and began my studies at the university. Spending a year studying Chemistry and Physics in German was a challenging endeavor and I am extremely grateful to my fellow classmates who helped me make the adjustments to studying in Germany easier. I grew tremendously while studying abroad and will never forget the friends and amazing connections I was able to make while living in Germany. I would like to encourage enterprising students to go beyond their comfort zone and study abroad. With the right amount of planning it is attainable for students studying the humanities and sciences alike.

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