UNCG’s 2015-16 DAAD Young Ambassador

Daniel Foil is the 2015-16 DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program) Young Ambassador at UNCG! Please contact him with any questions you might have about study abroad!

Here is some more information about Daniel:

Hallo! I’m Daniel Foil, a senior double-major in chemistry and German. After participating in an exchange program in high school, I knew that I had to study abroad in Germany. With the support of funding from UNCG’s International Programs Center, I was able to spend a year studying at the University of Mannheim. Study abroad was a magical, life-changing experience for me. I studied in a Baroque palace, traveled through much of Germany and Europe, and improved my German speaking and listening abilities more than I thought possible. I had such a good time that I plan to return to Germany for my graduate degree in chemistry and to seek a position in the German life sciences industry thereafter. My overwhelmingly positive study abroad experience has made me into an evangelist for study abroad in general and Germany in particular. I am lucky to serve the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as a DAAD Young Ambassador. DAAD offers a wide range of grants and scholarships to fund study and research in Germany.danielfoil

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