The French Major

French Major (FREN)

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Required: 122 semester hours, to include at least 36 hours at or above the 300 course level.
AOS Codes: French, U159. French with K-12 Teaching Licensure, U161
The French Major is designed to ensure a well-rounded preparation in language, literature, and culture. The programs are balanced and comprehensive, yet they allow students the latitude to explore subjects of special interest to them. Specific course and area requirements and electives in language, literature, and culture characterize both programs. The French Major begins at the 300 level.

French as a Second Major

Required: minimum of 30 semester hours.
Students must complete the requirements as described for the French Major (30 s.h.)


The major begins at the 300 level.  A minimum of 30 hours is needed to complete the major.  Students seeking teacher licensure may require a minimum of 33; they should consult their advisor and refer to the “Teacher Licensure” statements for details.  Literature courses in English translation may not be used for credit toward the major, second major, minor or second academic concentration.

To maintain the high quality of language instruction at UNCG, students declaring a major in either French or Spanish must sit for an oral competency evaluation during the semester in which they will first take a 300-level course in their major. This evaluation is part of our ongoing program assessment and in no way affects the academic record of students. The undergraduate advisor and/or instructor will notify majors with pertinent information at the time of the evaluation.

The minimum of 30 semester hours at the 300 level and above must include the following:

  1. Three* language courses from the following (9 hrs.):
    FRE 301 (may not be taken for credit by students who have successfully completed FRE 315 or above), FRE 311, 312, 313, FRE 315, 341, 415, 497, 511
  2. Three* courses in literature and/or film including (9 hrs.):
    FRE 353 (prerequisite to 400- and 500-level literature courses), FRE 453, 454, 498, 507, 553, 554, 555, 556, 557, 558, 561, 562
  3. One culture and civilization course from (3 hrs.):
    FRE 331, 332, 496, 532, 557 (if topic is Paris)
  4. Electives (9 hrs.): three other FRE courses at the 300 level or above
    * Applies to all students who declared the French major after July 31, 2009. Students who declared the French major prior to this date are required to take two courses from Category A (language) and four courses from Category B (literature and film).

Please Note: Students seeking licensure must include Civilization (331 or 332 or 496 or 532 or 557 if topic is Paris), Composition (315 or 415 or 497), and Conversation (311 or 312 or 313) in the 30 semester hours. The Phonetics competency may be met by completing 311.

  • Literature courses in English translation may not be used for credit toward the major.
  • At least one course at the 500 level must be included in the major.
  • No requirement for the major may be met by a grade lower than C-.