French Graduate Program

Program of Study

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers a graduate program of study with two options:  the thesis option requires 30 hours of graduate study (24 hours of course work and 6 hours thesis) and a comprehensive examination; the non-thesis option requires 30 hours of course work and a comprehensive examination.  In both options, at least one half of the work credited toward the degree must be at the 600 level or above.  In consultation with the Director of Graduate Study, the student may elect to take up to 6 hours of graduate courses in a related field.

The comprehensive exam is based on a reading list that includes major works of French and Francophone literature, as well as works on French and Francophone culture and civilization.  Students selecting the thesis option must write a thesis under the guidance of a committee consisting of a chairperson and two other members of the Graduate Faculty.  An oral examination on the thesis is required.

The student will also be expected to demonstrate reading knowledge of another romance language, German, or Latin, by (1) completing 204-level (or higher) course work in the language with a grade of B or better, the course having been taken within the last five years; or (2) passing a written translation test to be arranged with the Director of Graduate Study; or (3) obtaining a score of 400 or higher on the Department’s Computerized Adaptive Placement Exam.

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For more information on the current graduate curriculum, see the Graduate Bulletin