Online Resources for Chinese Language Learners

UNCG Chinese Film Collection

Online Chinese Dictionaries

  1. Nciku (free; Chinese to English)
  2. MDGB Chinese Dictionary (free; Chinese to English, English to Chinese)
  3. ZDIC (free; Chinese to Chinese, English)
  4. Brill Chinese Dictionaries Online (requires subscription; for advanced learners)
  5. Smartphone App: Pleco

Learning Chinese pinyin

  1. Pinyin chart with audio
  2. A song to learn pinyin

Learning Writing Chinese Characters

  1. 汉字屋 (learning stroke orders)
  2. Chinese Etymology
  3. Why there are simplified and traditional characters?
  4. How to Type in Chinese

Learning Chinese Vocabulary and Grammar

  1. Quizlet
  2. Flashcards
  3. Hanzicraft
  4. Chinese Grammar Wiki

How to Type in Chinese

  1. Type Help from Reed College (including detailed instructions for Mac and Windows users)
  2. Popular Chinese Input tools: 搜狗, QQ

How to find something in Chinese

  1. Search with Chinese keywords via search engines: google, baidu, etc.
  2. Find video materials: youtube, 优酷, bilibili, etc.
  3. Chinese social medias: wechat, weibo, qq, etc.

Where to find readings in Chinese

  1. 汉字叔叔讲故事
  2. HSK Reading
  3. Mandarin for me

Scholarship Information

UNCG Scholarships for studying languages:

LLC Department Scholarships

Scholarships from US government:

Critical Language Scholarship

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships Program (FLAS)

Scholarships from other resources:

Scholarships from China Mainland

Scholarships from Taiwan

Scholarships from Hong Kong