Chinese Minor

Required, 6 semester hours:

  • CHI 203 (3 credits) Intermediate I
  • CHI 204 (3 credits) Intermediate Chinese II or equivalent

Required, 9 semester hours, chosen from the following, at least six (6) of which must
be at the 300 level or higher:

  • CHI 210 (3 credits) Masterworks of Chinese Literature in Translation (taught in English)
  • CHI 220 (3 credits) Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (taught in English)
  • CHI 301 or 302* (3 credits) Third-Year Chinese or equivalent
  • CHI 305 (3 credits) Topics in Chinese Literature and Culture (taught in English)
  • CHI 313 (3 credits) Major Figures in Chinese Literature (taught in English)

The minimum requirement for fulfilling the minor is finishing second-year Chinese,
and taking 3 more courses from the second list, out of which only 1 could be a 300-level
language course, and 2 have to be at the 300-level.


Contact Dr. Xiao Rao, Director of Chinese program at

IGS Major with Concentration in Asian Studies

Students pursuing a major in IGS (International and Global Studies Program) with a
concentration in Asian Studies must complete 6 semester hours of the language, i.e., CHI 301 and CHI
302 or approved equivalents.

LLC Major with Concentration in Global Languages and Communities

The new LLC BA Major, with a concentration in Global Languages and Communities, involves taking two languages through 204, plus 4 courses at the 300-level.  One of the languages can be Chinese. Please refer questions to Dr. Kathleen MacFie at .