2021 Virtual Chinese Spring Festival Celebrations


The 2021 Virtual Chinese Spring Festival celebrations organized by Dr. Meiqing Sun on behalf of the Chinese Studies Program took place between the 12th and 25th of February 2021. It included two live virtual workshops and a Chinese Cooking Contest and Showcase.

Session One: Cooking Contest and Showcase

In this contest, students’ competitors demonstrated their particular cooking skills and showcased their best Chinese dishes. Thank all of the participants in the contest for entering. Chinese Studies Program is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Cooking Contest Awards based on the amount of attention and comments received:

The First Place                      Drekwan Fulton

The Second Place                Ja’Nia Barber

The Third Place                     Brigitt Heger, Jiawei Qu, Tommy Luong

Most Authentic Award           Keonay Witherspoon

Best Creativity Award           Aidan Lytle

Best Design Award               Zareya Dill

Best Presentation Award      Holden Garrison

Best Video Production Award   Mary Green

Best Improvement Award     Josha Hunter

This is an exhibition of their cooking creations, including the winners’ cooking video showcase:




Session Two: Tai Chi Workshop

FREE and open to the public

Time: Thursday, February 18, 2021 6:00-7:00 pm
Presenters: Bonnie Chunmeng Wang, Violet Anderson

Tai Chi master Violet Anderson cooperated with the 2019 North Carolina Chinese Language Teacher of the Year Bonnie Chunmeng Wang and showed the combination of Tai Chi teaching and learning, language and culture.

Session Three: Chinese Paper Arts Workshop

FREE and open to the public.

Time: Thursday, February 25, 2021 6:00-7:00 pm
Presenters: Xinru Yan, Alisa Li, Meiqing Sun

In this workshop the audience heard about the history, culture and stories of Chinese lanterns and traditional Chinese paper cutting, and enjoyed the relaxation and pleasure of making lanterns and paper cutting. They would like to share them with you. Please see their creative lanterns and paper-cut works below.

Virtual Workshops on Chinese Classical Dance

You may find the pre-recorded warm up introduction video above interesting and useful. The two dances Satire on Fair Ladies (丽人行) and Rouged Lips (点绛唇) are excerpts from this pre-recorded warm up introduction video for the workshops.

Dates and Time:

Tue. Oct 27, 2020 @7:00 pm-7:50 pm
Thur. Oct 29, 2020 @7:00 pm-7:50 pm

Abstract of The Dance Workshops

The Chinese Studies Program is excited to be teaming up with Ms. Yilin Wang, a great Chinese Classical Dance researcher, dancer, and teacher for two live, virtual workshops on the basics of Chinese Classical Dance! There will be two successive workshops hosted via Zoom, providing an interactive introduction to Chinese Classical Dance, rooted in the elegant ritual dances of the ancient courts. You’ll learn how to combine intricate hand gestures and body alignment to create a diverse vocabulary of movements, all from the comfort of your own place! So, jump into something comfy and get ready to dance, dance, dance!

On the first day, it introduces on how to combine breathing with music in Chinese classical dance and learn the first part of the classical dance “Big Fish (大鱼)”.

On the second day, it focuses on the hand movements and other basic gestures of Chinese classical dance and the second part of the classical dance “Big Fish (大鱼)”. The workshop ends with the whole performance of the dance.

For more information or disability accommodations, please contact Dr. Meiqing Sun at


The Virtual Chinese Seminar (August 25, 2020, more is forthcoming)

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