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Do you want to study languages while engaging in meaningful service? The Global Languages and Communities major-level concentration as part of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures may be right for you.

This major combines the study of languages with meaningful community-engaged service activities. As you develop intercultural competencies needed to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world, you will have the chance to contribute to local and global communities.

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Requirements include:

  • One LLC course
  • One service-learning course
  • One upper-level LLC course
  • Two languages of study

Overall Requirements

  • 120 credit hours, to include at least 36 credits at or above the 300 course level
  • ​No requirement for a concentration can be met by a grade lower than C- with an overall GPA of 2.0.
  • Students must complete a High Impact Intercultural Experience (HIIE). One of the following must be met:
    • Study abroad
    • An LLC service-learning course (such as LLC 389LLC 399, or LLC 499)
    • Residence in a Global Village
    • Certificate of completion of the Global Leadership Program
    • Disciplinary Honors
    • Approval of the Director of Graduate Studies
  • Each student must complete a minimum of 120 credits required for graduation, including 31 credits in residency at UNC Greensboro, with 12 credits in the major and 9 credits in the minor.


Electives sufficient to complete the 120 credit hours required for degree.

Language Series

No more than 6 credits in an additional language sequence at the 101-204 level may count toward the total required hours for the major.

Primary Language of Study

Complete a minimum of 12 credits in CHI, FRE, GER, JNS, RUS, or SPA courses taught in the language at or above the 300 course level. Must include courses that develop writing skills and textual analysis. A maximum of 3 credits achieved by Special Exam may count toward the major.

Additional Language of Study

All majors must demonstrate proficiency at or above the 204 level in an additional language (other than English). If you are a native speaker of another language other than English, please provide documentation to demonstrate that you have met this requirement. The program director may exempt this requirement.

LLC Service Learning Courses

Select one course from below or another service-learning course approved by the director.

    • LLC 389 – LLC Service Learning
    • LLC 399 – Cultural Immersion through Community-Based Service Learning
    • LLC 499 – Community-Based Service Lrning

Additional Courses:

Students may fulfill the remaining hours for the major from the courses listed below and/or 300-level and above courses in the language of study and/or the Program Director may approve other 300-level and above courses for this category.

    • LLC 355 – Topics in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
    • LLC 455 – Advanced Topics: Rebels and Revolutionaries in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
    • LLC 468 – Afrcn Histry/Cultres Thru Film
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