BA in LLC, German Studies Concentration

Overall Requirements

  • 120 credit hours, to include at least 36 credits at or above the 300 course level
  • ​No requirement for a concentration can be met by a grade lower than C- with an overall GPA of 2.0.
  • Students must complete a High Impact Intercultural Experience (HIIE). One of the following must be met:
    • Study abroad
    • An LLC service-learning course (such as LLC 389LLC 399, or LLC 499)
    • Residence in a Global Village
    • Certificate of completion of the Global Leadership Program
    • Disciplinary Honors
    • Approval of the Director of Graduate Studies
  • Each student must complete a minimum of 120 credits required for graduation, including 31 credits in residency at UNC Greensboro, with 12 credits in the major and 9 credits in the minor.

Major Requirements

Core Courses
Required – Select one course from the following:
LLC 120 Global Crossings: Topics in Images, Media, and Texts
LLC 130 Global Green: Cultures of Production and/or Consumption
LLC 222 Foundational Topics in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
LLC 250 Global Cultures Through Film: Angles of Vision
LLC Service-Learning Courses
LLC 389 LLC Service Learning
LLC 399 Cultural Immersion through Community-Based Service Learning
LLC 499 Community-Based Service Lrning



Electives sufficient to complete the 120 credit hours required for degree.

Select a minimum of 27 credits in German above the 204 level, including at least the following:
Literature or Culture
Select four of the following:
Masterworks of German Literature Read in English **
Masterworks of German Literature Read in English **
The Holocaust in Literature and Art **
German Literature: Advanced Intermediate Topics
Advanced Topics in German Literature
Advanced Topics in German Culture
German Memory in Fiction and Film **
Honors Work 1
Additional Courses
Select five additional courses above the 204 level
Majors may also take 1 credit of the following:

Related Area Courses

The courses below are suggested but not required.

Language and Culture
European Literary Classics: Ancient to Renaissance
Shakespeare: Early Plays and Sonnets
Shakespeare: Later Plays
German History, 1914-1945
The Holocaust: History and Meaning
Major Authors in Russian Literature
Major Movements in Russian Literature and Culture
History of Modern Philosophy

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