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Established in 2012, the UNCG Global Village is a living-learning community offering first-year students the opportunity to live, learn, and have fun with fellow students interested in diverse languages and world cultures. In the Global Village, students choose to study at least one of the following six languages offered through the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Living Arrangement

Students live together in Phillip/Hawkins Residence Hall dormitory, rooming with other Global Village students. This residence hall also houses UNCG’s international exchange students, affording Global Village students plentiful opportunities to have intercultural encounters.


Global Village students enroll in the following common core of courses.


  • LLC 120 “Global Crossings: Images, Media, Texts,” 3 credits (GLT/GN)
  • LLC 111 “Connection, Collaboration, and Inquiry,” 1 credit
  • At least one language course at the appropriate level, 3 credits (Placement testing provided by the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)


  • LLC 389 “LLC Service Learning” 3 credits
  • At least one language course at the appropriate level, 3 credits

Language Practice

Global Village students hold weekly conversation hours with Peer Facilitators, who are UNCG college students with advanced- or native-level language skills. Students are entitled to receiving more guidance and oral practice than non-Global Village students in their language courses!

Inter-Cultural & International Experiences

An array of co-curricular activities-such as foreign film screenings, guest lectures, fieldtrips, cultural celebrations-supports students’ learning about other cultures. Activities have included trips to Old Salem and Washington DC, retreat at living museum Elsewhere, guest lecture about global sustainability, canvas painting at Artist Bloc, and Holidays Around the World Extravaganza. Students also serve as English conversational partners with international students at Interlink, furthering social contact and cultural exchanges with students who come from countries around the world.


Having close interactions with faculty, Peer Facilitators, and fellow Global Villagers, students will find a home in a cohesive community that values cultural and linguistic diversity, inter-cultural exchanges, and community building.

Beyond the First Year

Global Village students continue to explore the world via Study Abroad later in their college careers. Many decide to add a major or minor in a language; others develop their international leadership skills through the Global Leadership Program. All of our students become active members of the campus community, engaging with the local and the global to make a difference in both arenas.

Global Village Alumni share their experiences, goals, and achievements

Testimonials from former Students:

“I have gotten a lot out of the global village. Because of the global village I have learned how to manage my time and become comfortable in front of a group. I have met great people that I still keep in contact till this day.”

“I decided to join the Global Village because it was a challenge I wanted to take on. It seemed like a great opportunity since I want to be a professor one day.”

“As an International and Global Studies minor I am very interested in becoming a global citizen and I feel I can further work to achieve this goal with the help of the global village.”

Testimonials from former Peer Facilitators:

“I greatly enjoyed teaching and sharing with my students, my culture and my native language. I also enjoyed working with my fellow peer facilitators and learning their cultural stories and how they connect both their native culture with their American culture.”

“I liked that I got to get close with the students I tutored and the events are always great.”

“I joined the Global Village because I believed that it would be a great opportunity to help others with the language I’m fluent in. It was also a great way to get to know incoming freshmen.”

“The Global Village has done so many great things to help me prepare for my future career and I sincerely thank the Global Village and Dr. Rinner for giving me the opportunity of being a part of the Global Village. I never took this opportunity for granted because I knew it was a privilege to serve as a facilitator and that’s why I always tried to do as much as possible for the program.”

“I gained communication skills and leadership skills.”

Global Village students are high achievers! These are some of their awards/honors:

  • Graduate of Stanly Early College
  • National honors society, social Marshall
  • Spicer Scholarship, Freeze Scholarship, Simpson Scholarship, King Scholarship, Disciplinary Honors for Spanish
  • High honor roll, honor society invites, internship invites, travel grant, study abroad acceptance
  • Student at Honors College


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