LLC Symposium: The Global Sixties

March 21-22, 2019, Virginia Dare Room, UNCG Alumni House


Thursday, March 21, 2019


Welcome and Introductions

John Kiss, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, UNCG

Roberto Campo, Head, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG

Susanne Rinner, Associate Professor of German Studies, UNCG

10-10:45AM: William P. Childers, “DQ68: Counterculture Quixotism as the Political Unconscious of Man of La Mancha”

            Moderator: Amy Williamsen

10:45-11AM: Coffee Break

11AM-12:15 PM: Representations of Protest and Dissent: The Ethics of Aesthetics

Matthew Barr, “Union Time: Fighting for Workers’ Rights”

Nancy Rourke, “The Right to be Deaf”

Elizabeth L. Keathley, “Pussy Riot and the Spirit of the 60s”

            Moderator: Sarah Carrig

**12:15-1:45 PM Lunch Buffet

2-3:15 PM: New Perspectives on Protest and Activism

Kelsey Walker, How Feminists Transformed the Global Justice Movement, 1990-2003”

Justina Licata, “Norplant and the Long History of the Women’s Health Movement”

Lizely Lopez, “íLucha SI, Entrega NO!”: Student Activism and Resistance Against the Colonial System in Puerto Rico”

Thomas Alexander, “The Food Workers’ Strike at UNCG”

            Moderator: Mariche Bayonas

3:15-3:45: Coffee Break

3:30-4:45 PM: The Poetics of Revolutions

Verónica Grossi. Greensboro: A Poem in Prose.

Mark Smith-Soto. Berkeley Prelude.

            Moderator: Susanne Rinner

6:30: Film Screening: The Edukators (Organized by the Human Rights Research Network, SOEB 120)

            Discussant: Susanne Rinner


Friday, March 22, 2019

8:15 AM Continental Breakfast

9-9:50 AM: The Sixties in German Culture

Jocelyn Aksin, “The ‘60s in Retrospect: Looking Back at the ’68 Movement through the Work of Emine Sevgi Özdamar”

Peter Schweppe, “Bibliographic Rebellion: German Protest Culture and the History of the Book”

            Moderator: Brooke Kreitinger

10-10:50 AM: The Sixties in Asia

Chiaki Takagi, “Their College Years: The 1960s in the Works of Haruki Murakami”

Meiqing Sun, “Women’s Right and Gender Equality as Reflected in Portrayals of the Images in Chinese Films Published in 1960s-1970s of China”

            Moderator: Carmen Sotomayor

11-11:50 AM: The Future of the Sixties

Greg Knehans, “If we only knew now what we knew then”

Amy Williamsen, “Social Issues in the Classroom, then and now”

            Moderator: Susanne Rinner

**Click here to view presenter abstracts and bios.

**The event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP by Thursday, March 14 to the organizer, Dr. Susanne Rinner at s_rinner@uncg.edu if you plan on attending lunch on Thursday.